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2018 Hairolutions 📋

Welcome to the first post of #ManeMondayz which is dedicated to all thing related to natural hair.

So I figured I would start my 2018 Hair Journey by creating hairolutions (Hair + resolutions – get it? 😀).


2017 was a good year for my natural hair because:

1. I only used natural ingredients for 75% of my regimen. I was using black soap shampoo, flaxseed gel, DIY oils, shea butter, aloe vera juice and the list goes on and on. If you’ve been following on my previous blog then you’ve seen all the DIYs I created throughout the course of the year.

2. In addition, while I was in Trinidad for 4 months my hair flourished which was due to me eating healthy. I was eating more vegetables, and fruits, as well as drinking more water. (major key)

3. Lastly, I got to straighten my hair.👩 Even though I received heat damage which I am currently recovering from, I am really glad I did it.


Now let’s look ahead to 2018

My hairolutions for are:
1. To have a complete ALL natural hair regimen for at least ONE month.
Therefore, I will not be using any store-bought production when washing/styling my hair. I think this will be a huge task because I would have to make every product needed while managing my busy life. However, I am willing to try if it is at least for one month out of the year.

2. To incorporate ayurvedic recipes/procedures into my regimen.
These could be using ayurvedic herbs such as henna, alma or creating pastes with them. I know this will be difficult because in Jamaica these herbs aren’t readily available but it’s worth a try. There a handful stores in Jamaica that sell these ingredients which I will be visiting regularly when adopting this new regimen.

3. To achieve waist length hair.
I am currently at mid-back length so just a few more inches to go until I reach WSL. Not all of my hair needs to reach waist-length, just one strand, and I will be happy.

4. To achieve a GOOD WASH AND GO
I want to achieve a wash and go, like the one in the picture on the sidebar.

Overall, I just want optimally healthy hair.
Once I have completed hairolutions one and two, therefore, the third one must come to pass (unless I cut it).

Since we are currently in the new year, what are your 2018 hairolutions?

Ashley 💕

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