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2018 Vision Board 💭🙇‍♀️

Welcome to the first post of #WisdomWednesdays \o/
These posts will be dedicated to any motivational related video, idea, thought, or prompt that I want to share with you


What is a vision board?
A vision board is a plan used to assist you in clarifying your life goals. It will have your main or sub-goals that will bring you ultimate happiness/success in life.I have been a fan of creating vision boards ever since I read the book and watched the movie, The Secret. This book/movie showed you that creating a vision through pictures or words for your desired future as well as believing that it can happen will result in a manifestation of your dreams [AKA Law of Attraction].

So in 2017 in May, I created my vision board for the rest of the year and my future. Some aspects were manifested which I was really happy about. However, others didn’t because I didn’t believe as well as push myself to complete the goals.A lot of individuals think that once your place something on your vision board it will come true, however, that is not the case. Once your place it on your vision board, the universe[as they say] will bring opportunities for you to achieve it. However, if you do not take advantage of the little opportunities that come your way then you will not achieve your goal.

Goal: Earn $500.00 USD
Opportunities: Receiving a lot of transcription jobs but, since they are tedious and annoying I declined every one of them. However, the money that I would have earned from transcribing would have accumulated to the $500.00 USD. In addition, the Universe [as they say] may have brought other opportunities such as natural hair blogging and game testing that I like to do which bring in more money so that I may have reached the goal.
Result: Not Achieved

Goal: Wanting to create a blog
Opportunities: Using the internet to research how to start a website/blog through blogs and youtube. In addition, messaging other Jamaican bloggers as well as meeting them, and asking them how to do it. Finally, I created my own blog using affiliate links therefore, it cost me less than someone without links.
Result: Achieved, since you are reading this post.


                                                             NEW YEAR. NEW AND REDESIGNED GOALS.

I created my vision board using which was a suggestion from Naptural85.
On the website select collage maker >> layouts >> create your own

This will give you free reign over the whiteboard so that you can place pictures wherever tickles your fancy.

How to create a vision board?
I have themes for my vision board such as mental, health, spiritual, relationships, finance, and education. The themes help you to select which area of your life you want to focus on greatly. Then, I created goals and sub-goals underneath what I want to achieve throughout the year and throughout my life. Every main goal has to be broken down into smaller goals. For example, you want to earn 1 million dollars this year but how will you earn it? Will you invest in stocks, get a side job, etc? Next, I placed motivational posts on it because I cannot do anything in my life without faith/hope/motivation.

And voila your vision board is done.

You definitely want to create your vision board when you have the time and you are alone. You will be able to have a clear perspective to map out your goals for the year as well as the future.

2018 has started have you created your vision board for 2018 and beyond?

Ashley 💕

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