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Mane Mondays: My Wash Day Essentials

Welcome to another post of #ManeMondays πŸ˜ƒ

In today’s post, I will be sharing withΒ you my wash day essentials.
Every Saturday (sometimes Sunday) morning these tools and products must be used unless my hair will just be tragic… absolutely tragic.

Here’s the list:
1. Spray Bottle: – As soon as I get up, or like 30 minutes after, I use my spray bottle. I split my hair into six or four, if I’m lazy, sections to prepare my hair for deep conditioning. I soak each section in water so that the deep conditioner is pliable.

2. Deep Conditioner: – Then, I apply my favourite deep conditioner (Cantu Deep Treatment Masque) to each section, work it in, then twist it up.

3. Deep Conditioning Cap: – You can apply a steam cap, plastic cap or even a plastic bag. However, I use my deep conditioning cap that I bio-friendly, and microwavable deep conditioning cap. After heating it up for 1 – 2 minutes, I place a shower cap/eco-friendly plastic bag over my head, then place on the cap. And, I wait for 30 – 60 minutes,

4. Black Soap Shampoo: – Product number 2 is a DIY Black Soap Shampoo. I apply this to each section of my hair.

5. Scalp Massager: – I will alternate between using my fingers, and my scalp massager. After the shampoo is applied to each section, I would massage with this tool. I would massage for about 1 – 2 minutes or as long as I feel too.

6. Tresemme Conditioner: –Β After I rinse out the shampoo, and deep conditioner, I HAVE to condition my hair using Tresemme. Tresemme is the best conditioner out there personally, it has the most slip and it’s worth the money. So, I apply 7 pumps to each section.

7. Comb:– Another tool that I alternate between is the comb and my fingers. After I apply the conditioner, I will use theΒ comb or fingers to detangle each section.

8. Section Clips: – Even though my hair is already in twists, I still use section clips to keep the hair out of my face, and way, when I am doing my hair.

9. Mirror: – Yes I use a mirror because I need to see my hair when I am washing it. I need to look at my ends, edges, to see if my curls are popping, and much more. Get you one.

10. Cotton T-Shirt: – After I rinse out the conditioner in my twists I place a cotton t-shirt on my twist and squeeze out the excess water.

11. Hair Catcher:
– Honestly, I do not remember the name of this thing so that’s why I call it the hair catcher. It’s just the tool I place where the drain is so my hair doesn’t clog it. Very essential because my mother hates seeing my hair down the drain.

What are your essential tools for wash day?

Ashley πŸ’•

4 thoughts on “Mane Mondays: My Wash Day Essentials

  1. I needed this! I feel as if somehow over the years I’ve forgotten or ‘lost’ my natural hair routine during months at a time of losing interest in the past. 😭

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