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Mane Mondays: Rhassoul Clay Co-Wash

After watching Curly Proverbz video titled “Don’t Sleep On Rhassoul Clay” where she spoke about the benefits of Rhassoul Clay I was sold on doing a Rhassoul Clay Treatment. In addition, my to-do list indicated to me that my hair was overdue for a Rhassoul/Bentonite Clay Hair Treatment. I usually use Rhassoul clay as a Shampoo about every 3 months but after the video, I decided to do a co-wash.  In the video, she shows how it can be used as a shampoo, deep treatment, and co-wash. Firstly, I do not co-wash my hair at all. I tried it once, then by day 3, my scalp was itching like crazy. Hence, it was a fail. But this treatment was REALLY GOOD. After I rinsed the paste out, my hair was shiny and easy to detangle.

Benefits of Rhassoul Clay:
1. DE-FI-NI-TION:– Whenever I apply Rhassoul clay to my hair and scalp, my curls are defined.
2. Aids in detangling:- This could be because of the definition of your curls from using the products so it separates your curls. Thus, making it easier to detangle with your conditioner or deep conditioner.
3. Soothes scalp issues:- I have noticed that my hair itched less, but that could be mind over matter. However, it is proven to reduce scalp problems, for example, dandruff because it removes the impurities and clogged pores from the scalp.
4. Reduces Frizz:- Rhassoul clay has a higher mineral content than other elements such as bentonite clay thus making it really beneficial for conditioning the hair cuticle. Not only will it remove product build-up that may be causing your frizz, but it will nourish the hair strands with the moisture that it needs so your hair cuticle lays flat. Therefore, less frizz will occur.
5. Nourishes the hair:- As previously stated it composes of a lot of minerals that will moisturise the hair with the ingredients needed for growth, strength, moisture and improve the overall health of your hair. The clay will not remove the natural oils from the scalp because they are needed to coat the new growth with the moisture.

Here’s how I made the Rhassoul Clay Cowash:
Rhassoul Clay (Got mine from Earth Elements)
Regular and Essential oils of your choice


1. Use 2 tablespoons of the Rhassoul Clay

2. Pour water in there so that the mixture is thick.

3. Add as much conditioner as you need (I went crazy)

4. Add your oils (I used castor, peppermint, tea tree, rosemary, and avocado)


5. Voila ~

See, simple to do and very effective.
If you guys have ever use Rhassoul Clay let me know or if you plan to use it.

Ashley 💕

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