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Welcome to another edition of Finance Fridays:-

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you about freelancing on Wherever you are in the world, Fiverr is accessible to you to offer your skills/services to the world. Some Jamaicans are on, and earn full-time incomes from this site (IN UNITED STATED DOLLARS \o/). is one of the websites that you can offer services online to individuals worldwide. It received 35.57 M views last year. Therefore, you can see that it gets a lot of traffic from users all over the world.

I have gained clients from at least 16% of the world (The highlighted areas are where my clients come from)


You utilize fiverr by creating Gigs. Gigs are basically your offering for your skill or service to the public. For example, you can have a gig on transcription. it may say “I will transcribe 30 minutes of audio/video for $5”.  Next, you will select your own pricing. Then, you will enter your gig description to entice the customers about why they should choose your gig. Finally, put up an image that clearly captures what you’re gig is about. Voila! You’re done ~
You may not receive orders instantly. If your price is low, and/or your gig description is written clearly, then there is a higher chance of you receiving an order.



Here are a few gigs that others and myself offer on Fiverr to make that money hunnnnnnnny

1. Being a virtual assistant.
2. Doing surveys.
3. Transcription
4. Testing a game or an app
5. Testing a website for user experience
6. Doing a Jamaican voice-over
7. Writing natural hair articles
8. Installing a live chat software on your website.
9. Create e-book covers
10. Social media Assistant
11. Creating graphics for social media
12. Designing your t-shirt
13. Doing video testimonials
14. Doing hair products reviews
15. Being your music producer
16. Book-keeping
17. Creating a website.
18. Writing e-books for you
19. Taking a picture on a beach in Jamaica
20. Creating invitations for any event.


Benefits of Fiverr:
I stated the benefits of freelancing in a previous post. But there are specific benefits for Fiverr:

1. You earn USD – Everyone is looking for a way to earn more money, so this is perfect. Once you start earning money, you won’t stop. And trust me there’s enough out there for everyone.
2. You do simple tasks – These are tasks that your seller may not have the time to do or know how to do. For example, researching a topic, compiling a list, transcribing, etc.
3. You learn a lot – You can learn through your transcription gigs whether it is about medicine or video editing. In addition, once you get started you want to find creative ways to expand your gig offerings.
4. There are different levels of success – There are different levels such as level 1, 2 and top rated seller. The levels are like trophies indicating that you have reached a certain level within the Fiverr community with benefits.
5. You gain a family. –Whether it is from random Fiverr users all over Jamaica whose pages you may stalk for inspiration or your clients or the Fiverr forum where individuals share their tips and tricks for success.

If you have any questions about Fiverr, let me know below.


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