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Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap For Natural Hair

In today’s post, I will be talking about my Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap for my natural hair. I mentioned it as one of the tools I need for wash day.Β Based on the name of it, you can tell the purpose of the cap. You can deep condition with a steam cap, plastic bag or a hot head deep conditioning cap. I received mine from for a Fiverr Gig, and everΒ since then, I’ve been using it.

About the Hot Head Cap:
– The cap can be used for deep conditioning.
– Also, can be used for hot oil treatments
– Has biofriendly gel in the squares, therefore it’s environmentally friendly.
– It’s waterproof.
– Can be heated using the stove, or the microwave. In the microwave, you would warm it for 15-30 seconds on each side until it’s as hot as you want. If you are using the stove then you would apply the cap to a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. Then, remove carefully with a utensil and leave it on a towel to dry for awhile. And then, place it on your head.

Advantages of the Hot Head Cap:
– Saves me time because I can do a variety of things while my hair is deep conditioning under the cap.
– In addition, I don’t have to wait 15 minutes for heat to form if I am using a regular plastic bag or steam cap. In 2 minutes after warming up the cap in the microwave, the cap is hot and can be placed on my head.

Disadvantages of the Hot Head Cap:
– I only have one which is the cap’s band is small for my big head and voluminous hair.

How It Works:
After the cap is heated, the heat is retained in the bio-friendly gel.
Then it is released to open the cuticles on your hair shaft.
And, the moisture from the deep conditioner is infused in your strands to repair, moisturise and strengthen the hair shafts.

Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap
“My Cap”

How To Use:
– Heat up the cap using the microwave or the stove. And, apply your deep conditioner.
– Then, place a plastic bag, satin cap or shower cap over your hair.
– Next, place the cap over it. And, let it sit/marinate for 10 – 20 minutes.
– After every use, my hair ALWAYS FEELS SOFT.

Do you have a deep conditioning cap that you use or do you just use a plastic bag?

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