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Natural Hair Wash Day Routine


🙆‍♀️🚿 – My Natural Hair Wash Day Routine

I think I’m one of those naturals that actually look forward to wash day. I enjoy prepping, washing and styling my natural hair. As a kid, I dreaded wash day because it was long, and my mother wasn’t so gentle when in my hair. But now, I look forward to every Saturday morning when I get to spend time in my hair. In today’s post, I will be sharing with you my wash day routine. Wash day (exclusive of styling) takes me two hours. 1 hour to deep condition, and another hour to shampoo, and condition. This is a short amount of time for me, especially since I got a lot of my hair.

Here’s what I do:

Prepoo: Usually I pre-poo the night before I wash my hair. I will split my hair into six sections, then apply my oil, my DIY mixture of oils, using the praying hands methods. Also, I massage my scalp using my fingers and/or the scalp massager. Occasionally, I’ll go to bed with a plastic (scandal) bag on my head.

Time span: 6 – 8 hours, depends on how long I sleep.
Result: I will wake up the next day with soft, stretched and (somewhat) tangle free here.

Deep Condition: Then, I drenched my hair with water using the 6 sections then apply the deep conditioner using the praying the hands method until the curls start to pop. Sometimes I slightly finger detangle. Next, I put on my hot head deep conditioning cap.

Time span: 30 – 60 minutes.
Result: After an hour, my hair will be extra soft and (more somewhat) tangled free.


Shampoo: Next, I shampoo my hair in the sections using my DIY Black Soap Shampoo, then massage with the scalp massaging brush. Sometimes, I’ll apply some shampoo to my hair shaft. After I shampoo each section, then I’ll rinse each section.

Time span: 20 minutes the max.
Result: My scalp is cleansed and my hair is shiny.

Condition: Then, it’s time to condition. This is the favourite part of wash day. So I split each section into two halves, coat it with 7 pumps of conditioner, finger detangle, then twist it up. Then, I place a plastic bag over my hair while I rinse off my containers, bottles, and wash my hair satin caps.

Time span: 40 minutes
Result: 12 – 14 soft, moisturised and plump twists.

Finally, I rinse my hair in twists. I massage my scalp and squeeze out the conditioner until the water runs clear. Next, I apply a cotton t-shirt over my twists, squeeze out the excess water, and tie it into a turban until I’m ready to style.

If you want to know the products and tools that I use then it’s here.

Voila ~ My simple and short natural hair wash day routine 😄


Ashley 💕

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