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If you know me, I like to share information especially about anything related to finance (e.g. stocks). This is a diversion from the post today which should be about, but this is more important.

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you Krystal Tomlinson’s webinars on Financial Literacy.





So in the series, she spoke about defining your financial background, and how to budget. And, in the upcoming seminars, she will talk about how to earn more money, the importance of insurance. and how to invest with the help o Stocks and Securities Limited.

It’s a good webinar because Krystal breaks down most of our financial background and how it affects our financial future. As well as, she shares her financial experience. Then Kenishia Mais, Founder of ThrivingDollars, teaches you how to budget for a better life. She shares how much you should be saved according to your age, ways to save, how to stick to your budget and the list goes on and on. There were technical difficulties in the first two webinars but I hope the other two are great. Next, Hackeem Dawkins shares the importance of life insurance, especially Health Insurance. Staying healthy is key in order to stay productive to continue making money. Lastly, Adrian talked about investing. He shard SSL (Stocks and Securities Limited) managed plans and their success rate, as well as how to get started with investing using SSL’s platform.

So I am encouraging everyone who is reading this to watch the previous webinars and read the previous content:
Financial Literary Web Series Session 1 Video
Financial Literary Web Series Session 1 Notes

Financial Literary Web Series Session 2 Video
Financial Literary Web Series Session 2 Notes

Financial Literary Web Series Session 3 Video

Financial Literary Web Series Session 4 Video


In the live she recommends these two books:

– You  learn how to invest
– You learn how to budget
– You learn how to save
– You learn about retirement planning
– You learn about health and life insurance.
– You learn tips and tricks to help with all of the above
– It is all contextual for “Jamaica”
– You get a head start on your financial future whether you’re old or young.

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