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Asherlee Naturals Protein Treatment Review

Welcome to another post for Testing Thursdays 😄

In today’s post, I will be reviewing the Asherlee Naturals Hair Redeemer Protein Treatment. I bought this product because I was in desperate need of a protein treatment. Prior to buying it, I hadn’t done a protein treatment in about 3 months, and it is recommended to do it on a monthly basis (or whichever you prefer). I got it from Earth Elements, and it was the last one on the shelf (God was on my side 😉).


About Asherlee Naturals:
Ashlerlee Naturals is a Jamaican brand of hair products. It isn’t catered only to natural hair, it can be used on relaxed hair as well. They have a range of products including the protein treatment. They have a  Moisturizing Herbal Black Soap, Moisturizing Hair Revitalizing Spritz, Nourishing Daily Hair Butter, Flaxseed Gelli, Clarifying Bentonite Clay Hair Masque, as well as products for loc’d hair.

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<I used their Flaxseed hair Gelli before which was a good product but I not a staple for me>



The Protein Treatment:
Ingredients: Cetyl Alcohol (adds slip), avocado oil, coconut oil, vegetable hydrolized oats, provitamins, fragrance. There are other ingredients but the writing is fading so I can’t see everything.

Directions: After shampooing hair, saturate and evenly distribute the product thoroughly from root to tip. Cover with plastic cap and leave on hair for 15 minutes. For severely damaged hair use every other week for treatments and once a month after.


My Experience:
I don’t follow the directions of using products because I know my hair. I’m not fond of doing protein treatments because my hair is stiff after. So I applied the product after I prepooed my hair. I split my hair into 6 sections, then soaked each section with water. Next, applied the product using the praying hands, and twisted each section.  The product is pliable which isn’t what I was expecting for a protein treatment.Then, I placed a black plastic bag, and my deep conditioning cap over my head for 30 – 60 minutes. After I removed the cap and felt my hair it was very soft and curls were popping. If you’ve deep conditioned your hair with a moisturising conditioner then that after feeling is what I felt on my hair. I was happy with the results because I was dreading dry hair (lol). Then I shampooed and conditioned as usual. Usually after I do a protein treatment, I will apply a moisturising conditioner after I condition my hair for about 15 minutes, however, I didn’t need to do this time.


Overall review:
– The Price –  It was between $1000 – $1500. I am a cheap girl so I don’t like to spend a lot on hair products even though I love them so much.
– The after smell – I still like the product, however, there’s an after smell after one use. I’m not sure why, it could be because the product is expired which would be rather unfortunate. Or, because I mixed the treatment with oil so it smells and looks strange. But I used even though it wasn’t looking great, and nothing happened to my hair.




Support brand Jamaica – Supporting a Jamaican brand. Booyaka, Bookyaka!
Non-stripped feeling – It doesn’t leave your hair feeling stripped or dry. It feels soft and moisturised. I don’t think you need to follow up with a moisturising deep conditioner after or mix it with the protein treatment.
Doesn’t take long to work – Will work within 15 minutes even though I used it longer on my hair, I was just being extra.
Affordable and long lasting – You won’t break the bank when purchasing the product because you use the product once every month depending on how often you need a treatment, and how long you need a protein treatment. I think the product will last me about 2 more uses, therefore it will last me 4 months.

It’s a great product and I definitely would repurchase it.


Ashley 💕


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