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Benefits of Natural Juices

Hello Readers and Welcome To Self-Care Sundays.


So I woke up today wondering what the hell I would post today because I did nothing related to self-care this past week. However, shoutout to my mama who decided to make a homemade green and fruit juice which is the topic of today’s post. She got hooked because of moi (i will take credit) because I bought Shelly-Ann Weeks’ book titled I Changed my Diet and Changed my Life. And, in it she talked about how she drinks homemade juices. Then, I bought a fruit and green juice at some lunch place for us  from which she asked their recipe. Finally, she made it today for herself (and moi). Sadly, I didn’t take pictures of the process because ya girl had chores to do.




Benefits of Homemade Juices:
Every healthy guru warns you to stop drinking carbonated sugary drinks, and make your own at home. But, why? I mean box drinks are sooooooooooooooo good (especially bagjuice). They promtoe homemade juices for a variety of benefits which majority of it has to do with your health.

And here they are:
1. Less Artificial Sugar, More Natural Sugar:– Boxed drinks contain a lot of artifical sugar which isn’t good for the body. Too much sugar as well all know contributes to diabetes. In addition, our body should be having natural sugar from fruits to sustain our energy levels. When we eat junk (aka kentucky fried chicken or burger king), i’m not sure about you but, I need to SLEEP after the meal. This is because our body is using the little energy we have to break down the food so we need to sleep to rejuvenate our energy levels.

2. Vitamin Overload:- From the fruits and vegetables you receive a variety of vitamins. If you know anything about the human body you know that it needs a variety of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and antibiotics needed for optimal health (healthy skin, hair, digestion, energy, strong bones, improved immunity).

3. Well Needed Fibre:- Plain and simple, fibre assists you in  passing your faeces. I can attest to that.

4. Aids in digestion:- Natural juices contain nutrients that are easily absorbed by our body. This point coincides with the previous point. In addition, our body is able to digest the juice easier than eating the whole fruits and vegetables.

4. Aids in detoxification:- Fruits contain glutathione. Glutathione is an amino acid (aka protein) that aids our body in detoxifying of things like lead.

5. Cures Illnesses:– I can’t say if it does or not. However, Shelly-Ann Weeks would attest to this benefit and many others I presume.

6. The last one that doesn’t have anything to do your health is, it saves you money.


                                                                               Momma’s Recipe:

Fruit Juice: 💧🍌🍍🍎 💧                                                       Green Juice: 💧🍀🌿🥒💧
Ingredients:                                                                              Ingredients:
Ice                                                                                              Ice
Apple (American)                                                                       Lettuce
Pineapple                                                                                   Cucumber
Banana                                                                                      Pak Choi


Throw all of them in the bowl, and blend it up.  For our specific blender we selected grind. Then, when it was all blended up, we selected puree so it would be in a puree form like a smoothie.


We used no measurements for each ingredient because Jamaicans (maybe I am speaking for myself don’t really follow ingredient measurements)


The fruit juice was my favourite. It was sweet because of the apple and the banana. The green juice however was very “green” and fresh. If you’re not a fan of vegetables then this would not go well in your favour. However, i’m sure if you add a banana or apples to mixture in the blender it will taste better.

So have a green/fruit juice today 😄


4 thoughts on “Benefits of Natural Juices

  1. I don’t agree in it curing illnesses but it certainly prevents them and you’re likely to do better than if you were consuming junk instead. I’ve gotten too used to drinking plain old *allegedly boring* water instead of juice all the time but if I feel for something else to drink, natural it is! 🙂 And certainly, you’d lose your Jamaican card by measuring haha. Just kidding! 🙂

    1. Lol I mostly drink water/natural juices. And, occasionally sodas at fast food places. I know i’m not the only Jamaican who doesn’t measure stuff.

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