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My Heat Damage

[I know I haven’t posted in 2 weeks but that’s because I had mid semesters to prepare for but I’m back now 🤩]

Today’s post is about my heat damage. I straighten my hair once every year, and so I did my annual ritual back in October 2017. I decided to get a silk press as opposed to a Brazilian blowout because I was told it would prevent heat damage. However, when I returned “curly” my curls were looser, which is normal after you applied heat to your hair. In addition, there was some straight hair which I didn’t mind because ain’t nothing a deep conditioner can repair, or so I thought.

How Do I Know?
No matter how many times I deep conditioned my hair, the curls at the front of my hair are straight like a ruler (a bit of an exaggeration). The curl pattern is almost gone, and the hair is very limp. Normally the curls at the front of my hair, as I realised with most naturals, is looser than the back. But as my new growth emerged I realized that the ends of the hair were suffering from heat damage.

How Did It Happen?
Then, I wondered how is this possible because I got the ‘safer treatment’. Then, I realised the last time I straightened my hair, which was a Brazilian blowout, I had applied an oil and shea butter to my hair prior to the blowout. Why? Because I researched that those are good natural heat protectants. However, when my hair was being blown out the lady was not pleased because she said my hair was very greasy (well at least it saved me heat damage). So this time I went elsewhere and got a silk press. I went with dirty hair so they could wash, moisturise and style my hair as should be done. When it was time to get the silk process started, my hair was blow-dried twice. 🙈 The first girl blowdried it, then another came and blowdried it again, then flat ironed it. I never questioned it which was bad on my part and probably why I am in this situation now.

Is it visible?
My damage is evident because someone asked me if I’m transitioning because the ends at the front of my hair are straight. And, I was crying on the inside, then I had explained it was heat damage.

What have I tried to revive my hair?
–  A way to revive your curls is to use macadamia oil, however, that isn’t accessible in Jamaica.
– Next, a protein treatment is recommended which I do every month. But, it’s still straight.
– Next, is to deep condition your hair which I have. I have mixed my deep conditioner with oils, as well as
rhassoul clay. Again, no change.
– Lastly, I have thought about cutting it, however cutting 6 inches of the front of my hair seems too drastic(so please don’t suggest that)

M Y  P L A N:
So I’ve decided to keep my heat damaged hair and grow it out.
Growing it out seems like the best option for me. Why? Because I am not interested in cutting 6 inches off hair off then having my hair looking uneven. So I will wait till it grows out, while still doing deep conditioning and protein treatments. Therefore, my hair will be getting any benefits from the deep conditioner or protein treatment to slowly but surely mend the repair. And, if it doesn’t repair and my hair was grown out How will I mask it? By never trying a wash and go again (lol). I will mask it with perm rods. So, I will wrap the strands around the perm rod. And, when my hair is dry, it will be curly and match the rest of the curly hair.

Any other random suggestion to revive would be great because I will try anything 🤩


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  1. I hope it grows out quickly you can strip the hair with apple cider vinegar and a neutrlzing shampoo or you can use aloe vera instead and see how that works for you

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