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My Fiverr Journey

My Fiverr Journey

                                                                                                                      My Fiverr Journey

I shared about freelancing on Fiverr in a previous blog post, so I decided for today’s post I will share my Fiverr journey. I joined Fiverr back in 2014 while I was still in high school from an article (I believe this is the link) that Yaneek Page wrote about working online in the gleaner. I photocopied the article and saved it, unfortunately now I can’t find it.

[The Interlude]

She spoke about working online via Fiverr and/or Odesk (Recently called Upwork). Immediately I was intrigued because it was a way for me to make a side hustle in high school so I could shop. So I joined it and nothing happened, well I didn’t do anything with my page. I was just hoping the orders would come to me “magically”. Then, I went back to the drawing board in January 2016 after seeing the article while I was cleaning my room.  At that time I was in university, and I finally got my laptop so I could do work during my free time. I deactivated my old profile because of my name, which was AshleyNxD which just didn’t seem professional. Then I started afresh with my full name.


[Verse 1]
I started on Fiverr writing natural hair articles. Upon during research, this Fiverr guru said that the best gig to offer is video testimonial. It seemed a bit sketchy to me but I was all up for it. So, I posted the gig. I think a few days later I got an order [🎊]. I was so excited to make money. The order was for a picture of my feet (thinking about it now, it’s quite funny). So, I took pictures of my feet with the help of my best friend Ashleigh, who I later gave half of the money since she was my photographer.



Then, I was creeped out by all the other requests that people had, which were not up my alley, so I cancelled that gig and decided to do something else. I created a gig about writing natural hair articles for blogs since I was obsessed with growing my natural hair. Then, I got an order from My Fluffy Puffs (Check her out she creates natural hair products now). She and I are internet friends to this and she stills reaches out to me for orders which I am grateful for. From her order, and review open the floodgates for me (lol).In addition, I got to write about my natural hair journey on a blog because of her 💁‍♀️



[Verse 2]
I still wasn’t making much to actually sustain myself through school and decided to invest in freelancing. I signed up for a class prior to this where I learned how to create a website, hence I was able to create my own. I haven’t gotten any orders on it [yet!]. So, I signed up for internet income jamaica’s transcription class in the summer of 2017. It’s a two-day event where they teach you the tools of transcription needed for Fiverr and Upwork success. I only went to one day because, well that’s another story. After that investment, I believe that’s where business took off. As you can see in the picture below my sales started going up. And, fell during the times I was focusing on my exams. I did transcription jobs which are the least fun. Then, decided to delve into tasks such as doing jamaica voice-overs, testing the usability of websites and games, social media management, among others.

Booming Business


[The Hook]
Now I’m at level two \o/

There have been some pitfalls where I would go days without an order, even if it’s just $5.00 because, “every mickle mek a muckle”. As well as, myself going on vacation for a month because I needed to focus on my studies which was really sad. But the good thing is that it works for me. And, I am able to make a side income from it so much that I didn’t need to ask my parents for funds for school or going out or my expenses (although scholarships and they still paid for my tuition though). Lastly, instead of summer job this year I am working from home via Fiverr, I took a leap of faith but it’s worth it.

I hope to be a top-level seller however that will take many thousands to make before I can reach there 🙇‍♀️

See you in my next post!


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