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Pink Clay Mask



For today’s self-care ritual (it’s been awhile since my last), I’ve really been into this Pink Clay Mask by Yum Skincare

The Pink Clay Mask came in my Summer Slaycation Sugarplum Box. Sugarplum is jamaica’s first [and only – correct me if I’m wrong] subscription box. And, it has its own skincare line. I asked Marsha (the Chief Excitement Officer) when she plans to launch the entire skincare line, and she says soon. So, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed [and you should too].🀞 The box retails for $40USD and you receive a package every month, or every two months. In your box is a bunch of goodies such as food, accessories, face and hair products, and just about everything else.Β  In addition, you can review products that you have used in the previous box in order to get a discount for your next box πŸ˜‰[thank me later]

Sugarplum Box

Marsha has shared other products for the line before such as the Skin moisturiser, Facial Oil, Coffee Oil Serum, Coconut Jelly Face Serum and now the Pink Clay Mask.Β The products always smell D-I-V-I-N-E and are made with 100% natural ingredients.

Yum Skincare




Now onto to the goodness:

Pink Clay Mask

The Pink Clay Mask is a detox mask. The main ingredient is White Clay (also known as Kaolinite). White clay is known to remove impurities from the scalp. In addition, it is perfect for dry and sensitive skin because it’s deemed the gentle clay. The maskΒ also contains bentonite clay. If you are a fan of beauty products whether for your face or hair, then you know bentonite clay is the supreme clay. it is known to suck up {pardon my french}, remove all the dirt, debris, oil, and toxins that are in or on your face. Also, it contains essential oils. Essential oils make your skin firmer thus reducing your chance of getting wrinkles, and ageing.


Hope you have done your facial mask for the day. And, if you haven’t you should for the treacherous week ahead that you have to Queen (or King if you’re a male).




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