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Dream Life Series With Lavendaire πŸ’ž


Another WisdomWednesdays Post — Dream Life Series With Lavendaire πŸ’ž

Lavendaire is a youtube channel created by Aileen. Now… I love Aileen. She’s myΒ virtual friend in my head (she doesn’t know it yet, but yeah). She does videos on self-growth, self-love, everything related to making yourself a better person. I’m not sure how I found her on youtube but I love her content. In addition, her videos are always aesthetically pleasing. So I’ve been a fan for a while now. I am so engrossed with her content that I will rewatch the content when there is nothing “interesting” on youtube to watch anymore. As well as, she helps me through the rough patches in life.


Lavendaire has a workbook called the Artist of Life Workbook.


It’s a book for you to track your self-progressΒ in life. In the book, there are habit trackers, monthly check-ins, goals listings, etc. In addition, there are inspiring quotes to read along the way. If you know what a bullet journal is, then it is similar to it. Your checking in on your progress to the YOU you’ve always wanted to be. I like the book, however,Β haven’t found much time to use it with school, freelancing, and life. My friend Ashleigh uses it a lot and she loves it. We bought the PDF version and then printed because it was cheaper {gotta save em coins}




She started this series called “Dream Life”. In the series she will share with you ways to create your … you guessed it … D-R-E-A-M L-I-F-E. This may be perfect for you right now. In addition, it’s great for me because of the slump I’m in since I haven’t posted in a very long time. So, I’m sharing it with you. You can sign up for the email listing and/or watch the videos on youtube.



Hope she inspires you like she does me πŸ’•


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