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Natural Hair For Graduation?

Natural hair For Graduation? ||


From my previous post, you know that my natural hair has heat damage. I said that I would grow it out with my growth oil which I am however I am slowly cutting off the damage because stringy ends are not cute. In addition, I am caring for my natural hair as best as possible because I want gorgeous hair for my graduation picture and day \o/


Graduation Date: November 3, 2018
Graduation Picture Date: No clue, but I’m going to guess late October.


Now let’s get to the meat of the matter for this blog post. If you have scrolled through my blog you would see that I have a countdown to healthy hair for graduation.

Natural Hair Graduation CountDown



I am undecided to wear my natural hair straight or curly 🙇‍♂️

Natural Hair Problems



                                                 What do you think?


Straight Hair Thoughts:








I want to wear it straight because:
– I think I look older with straight hair and I want to look “mature” in my university graduation pictures.
– To continue the tradition. Ever since I started taking graduation pictures in 2013 my hair was straight.
– This is the final graduation picture that I will take {for a long time} so I would like it to be flawless.

Also, I don’t want to wear it straight it because:

– My hair may be damaged like the last time I straightened it.
– I am conflicted as to why I would get my hair healthy in order to damage it
– It’s going to cost me, lol




Curly Hair Thoughts:

Natural hair curly?












                 I want to wear it curly because:
– In none of my graduation picture do I wear my curly hair, so this could be the one.
– I love my curly hair and should be able to embrace it.
– Usually, graduation pictures are placed around the house and I want my future kid to see their mama rocking her natural hair for her graduation picture.

And, I don’t want to wear it curly because:

– I will look like a kid but I want to look mature.




So… what do you think?






-Signing Off-

2 thoughts on “Natural Hair For Graduation?

  1. I haven’t graduated from UWI as yet so I’m only reporting what I think I remember from friends’ experience last year 😅. But yes, I remember hearing that you can go into Bryan’s photo studio in HWT at any time and have the picture taken between the date of your degree’s awarding on SAS (like June or so) and graduation in November. I imagine you’d need some sort of proof though like perhaps you ID idk. They offer makeup services and such there too as part of the picture cost, but for guaranteed flawlessness, still use a private artist if you’re planning on going full-beat for the photos.

    This has already become an epistle so I’ll just add a hearty congratulations Ashley! All the best in life after undergrad 🙂

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