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Law Of Attraction – Universe Cheque


If you’ve never heard of the law of attraction, then you could be living under a rock. The Law of Attraction is basically saying that whatever you believe in, say or do actionable steps to meet your goals, you will get or receive it abundantly.


I read The Secret in 2014 because Nicole McLaren Campbell suggested it saying that it changed her life. At that point in my short years [18 y/o] on earth, I wanted change [lol]. So the book gives you an outline of how to use the law of the universe to bring to fruition your desires, goals and dreams. In the book, it speaks about having a plan for your life using a vision board as well as the universe cheque. You would write how much you want on the cheque, paste the cheque anywhere in your room or keep it in your wallet. Then, you will receive the money. Bear in mind this is not an overnight success. They recommend that you look at the cheque every day and believe that the money is yours. As well as, working as if the money is already is yours. Hence, you cannot just write the cheque and “hope” the money comes to you.


Oprah did an interview with Jim Carrey about how he manifested earning $10,000,000 as an actor. In the interview, he spoke about writing a cheque to himself for $10,000,000 for acting services rendered. He gave himself 5 years to earn that amount and dated it Thanksgiving 1995. He kept it in his wallet and it deteriorated. Finally, just before Thanksgiving 1995, he landed a role in Dumb, Dumb and Dumber for the EXACT amount.

[start at 19:36]


My Story:

So after reading and seeing all the success stories as it regards the Universe Cheque, I decided to do my own. I printed the actual cheque from the secret’s website and wrote it up. However, I crossed everything that was Universe related and wrote God because the Bible says, “ask and it shall it be given to you” [Matthew 7:7]. I have been successful 4/5 times I wrote the cheque, and I’ll share 2 with you today. The 5th cheque is still in my room and one day I will earn that amount 🙏


#1: Goal – Earn $200 USD from Freelancing online by July 31st, 2017
As you can see I filled out the cheque. Then, I pasted it on the wall in my room where I usually sit and do online work. I never usually earn that much money on Fiverr and I decided to make it a goal for that specific month. It was my summer term so I had free time to do Fiverr while I was at school. I woke up every morning and saw the goal. In addition, I thought of achieving it constantly. Lastly, I was constantly looking for gigs on Fiverr in the buyer’s request and going above and beyond for my clients so that my review will be great in order to garner more clients.



#2: Goal – Earn $50000 JMD in a scholarship/bursary for University by September 31st 2017
This goal I wrote in August of 2017 because my final year of University was approaching. I applied for all the scholarships prior to final year however when the school year started I didn’t receive any. So, my mom and dad found the funds to pay off the 1st semester. While preparing for my 1st-semester final exams I got a bursary for the Guild office. It was less than what was written on the cheque but I was grateful anyway. Then, in the second semester (2018), a scholarship had come out so I decided to apply because it was worth a try. Lo and behold I got the scholarship 😁 It was more than what I wrote on the cheque so I was really grateful because my parents didn’t have to worry about paying my school fee in my final semester of University.



I am not forcing anyone to do the cheque, but it won’t hurt to try right 😏 It’s a good exercise to do especially if you have money goals to keep you focused on the goal to achieve.


-Signing Off-

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