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The Benefits Of Amla Oil For Natural Hair

Amla Oil


You’ve probably heard of Amla Oil throughΒ Β Curly ProverbzΒ or learning about Ayurvedic hair practices.













Amla Oil comes from the Indian gooseberry tree. This plant is used very frequently in Indian traditional medicinal system. The berries are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that are not only great for your body but your hair as well. It is used in the Indian culture to massage their scalp, as well as coat their hair in it. The oil is a green just like the berries however darker. {If it’s not dark green, then it’s not 100% natural}







Benefits of Amla Oil:

1. It reduces the “graying” effect.

2. Stimulates hair growth especially through scalp massages.

3. The oil contains protein that strengthens and fortifies your hair strands. Thus, allowing you to retain your hair length.

4. Since amla oil promotes hair growth then inadvertently it will reduce hair loss.

5. It improves scalp health because it contains vitamins such as A and C. This helps to reduce scalp issues such as dandruff, psoriasis, and many more.

6. Improves the natural lustre of your hair.


Indian Amla Gooseberry


Many naturals are using it nowadays. They have been switching to an ayurvedic natural hair routine or incorporating ayurvedic hair practices into their regimen. WHy? Because of the many benefits, it offers their hair. Also, manufacturers are creating products using Amla Oil. They are capitalizing on the natural hair trend as well as expanding their product range to meet their customers need.



I have used it for inconsistently (yet consistently) for over a year. And, as you know it is in my DIY Growth Oil. The benefits I noticed was hair growth, glossy hair, as well as strengthened hair.


{Btw, if you’re in Jamaica you can purchase it from Amazon or Earth Elements}


Have you tried Amla Oil?



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