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A Week In My Hair Routine ~


A lot of people claim that taking care of your natural hair seems like a full-time job, IΒ don’t agree with this statement. A week in my routine is … well, you can be the judge of that.




Hot Oil Treatment:
My hair routine usually starts on Friday Night. I start with doing a hot oil treatment using 100% castor oil or my DIY Oil Mixture.Β I split my hair into 4 – 6 sections and coat the section in the oil. Then, I place a plastic bag over my hair along with my satin cap. Next, I let it sit for 1 hour or overnight.





Deep Condition:
First things first, deep treatment. 99.9% of the time I wake up with REALLY soft hair. Then, I apply the deep conditioner and my deep conditioning cap over my hair. Next, I’m off to chores.


I only cleanse my scalp using the vanity planet scalp massager or the pads of my fingers of each section.


Condition [& detangle]:
After rinsing out the oil, deep conditioner, and shampoo, it’s time to condition. Then, finger detangle using my fingers {or the comb when I’m in a rush}.


Then, rinse.


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After rinsing, moisture is key and {well you know the drift}.


My signature style is a twist out with the help ofΒ flaxseed gel. I usually watch a show while doing this so I can’t really say how long it takes because I’m distracted. Then, I let it dry.




Still drying…



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After tying my twists down with a satin scarf and cap for more than 24 hours, it’s time to unravel these bad boys.

Then, when I’m home it’s satin scarf and cap and bed.



Tuesday – Thursday:

[Takes of satin wear] — [Rock the twistout] — [Satin scarf, satin cap, bed]





And then repeat [x rest of my life]

Now was that easy or soooo simple? πŸ˜‰





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