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All About My Planner πŸ’•πŸ“‹


Why not have a planner? They say planning out your days hour by hour is the key to success. I like to pencil out every single part of my day or else my life is a mess {a tiny bit drastic}.

Planner:Β Daily Lemon Press πŸ“‹


I saw this planner on my Instagram that is Jamaican-made (Planner).
It was bought just in time for my final year of school. I used it to keep track of school, Fiverr, and chores, which I consider another job.

This year, I bought another one. Usually, planners start from January however it’s a school planner so it starts at the start of school, usually August or September. She can create one that starts in January for you, if you’re interested. I’m working now, a full-time adult, but since my planner ended August, I had to get another one.

She changed up the planner this year which makes me love it anymore. πŸ’•





– The cover where you can get it customized in terms of the colour, your logo or image at the front, as well as your name. I chose red because it’s my favourite colour.


– A vision boardΒ section and we all need that.


– Goals page as it regards the different areas of life, as well as the actionable steps to follow.


–Β  A roadmap for the year ahead


– Yearly Financial & Savings Overview


– Projects you want to complete


– Places you want to visit, movies you want to watch, books to read and restaurants to eat at.





And the best part is …..


– the month & daily layout.Β 

It starts with a monthly budget where you estimate your income & expenses for the year:


Next, is a goals mind map where you plan your goals for the respective month.


Then, is the overview of the month.


Next, the horizontal layout of each day. You can write your to do list for each day. As well as, write down your water and medication intake.


Lastly, a month reflection. You can reflect on the past month to ascertain whether you’ve accomplished your goals or mini goals. As well as,Β figure out how to improve for the next month.
Β  Β Β 




Β Β β€œA goal without aΒ planΒ is just a wish.”






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