2019 Hairolutions

Last year, I made hairolutions that I wanted to complete for 2018. I’m scared to review them because I don’t know if I completed the ones I made last year.


As per 2018:


1. To have a complete ALL natural hair regimen for at least ONE month.
Review: Well I failed in achieving this goal. I did not even attempt to achieve this goal. Hopefully, in the near future, it is done.

2. To incorporate ayurvedic recipes/procedures into my regimen.
Review: Another goal that was not achieved. However, I really did try to. I made a list of the Ayurvedic ingredients to purchase. Then, my friend told me about the store in Jamaica that sells them. I made many plans to go just did not show up because every time I decided I was going to, I was broke |: However, I will not be defeated! For 2019 I will be incorporating ayurvedic herbs in my natural hair regimen. So I just gotta get to the damn store.

3. To achieve waist length hair.
Review: I almost made it. When I stretched my hair from the back it would reach the same level as my waist. However, from the front it was a struggle. So did I achieve it or not? And there are no pictures to prove it, sadly.

4. To achieve a GOOD WASH AND GO
Review: Well another failure, I don’t remember even trying to do a wash and go this year.

Let’s get to do the good stuff:


The 2019 hairolutions \o/
And there is only one: TO HAVE HEALTHY HAIR \o/

Instead of creating a bunch of goals I decided to do the ultimate one. Then, create a plan of action on how I am going to achieve this goal. Creating a bunch of big goals to accomplish this year as it relates to my natural hair will be overwhelming because I forsee me not having as much to experiment with my natural hair for 2019. So, one big goal is going to broken done into easy steps that have done and still do to achieve the ultimate goal.

Healthy Hair Plan of Action:

2019 Healthy Hair Plan of Action

A simple goal, with a plan of action to back it up.

What are your natural hair goals for 2019?


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