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2018 Vision Board Recap:

In 2018 I created my second blog post about my 2018 vision board and shared how it works and how I created. And, I believe I can use this tool to aid in creating my dream life. And, this will help me to take the baby steps to get there. Honey, I’m trying to achieve all of my goals like Oprah honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


I still used the same tool to create my vision board which is

In this post, I will be sharing 2 wins and 2 losses from my vision board. I wish I achieved everything but sadly I didn’t. And, for the goals, I didn’t achieve I’m back to the drawing board for them. Some of the losses were devastating and others just didn’t bother me at all. Of course, all of my wins made me sooooooo proud.

First, we’ll start with the losses:


Graduate with First Class Honours
– This was the biggest loss of the year for me. I graduated with Upper Second Class as opposed to First Class. WHat I learned from it? That your best is good enough. I know the saying is cliche however it is true. I gave 110% and still didn’t achieve my goal. However, it encouraged me to go harder for upcoming academic goals for 2019.

Learn Sign Language –
This was one of the goals that I didn’t care for during the year? So why did I put it on the vision board? I was trying to do all that and a bag of chips which was a complete failure. I wanted to learn sign language to be able to know another language of communication. However, it’s not on the vision board for next year. As much as it’s something I like to do, it’s not a passion for 2019.

Next, are the wins:


Pass Driving Test: I’ve been learning to drive since 2017 summer and 1 year later I got the licence. Who happy like me? I was just glad for it to be over because I was scared as hell! This goal was difficult to accomplish because 1 I was scared, jamaican roads not all that, and 3 – did I mention I was scared? Bear in mnd, I didn’t pass on the 1sty. SOmetimes you will fail at achieveing your goals the first time but if you go the second time with a different mindset especially if money in involved – you shall be victorious.


Work at dream organization: Decided that I wanted to work at “X” place and “X” place is where I work now. For this goal, I believe I accomplished it with my gpa, my personality at the job interview and maybe even links! Whatever caused it, I am so happy to work there. More importantly, to have a job right after completing my bachelor’s degree.

At the end of the day, even your 2018 may have had some losses and wins this is a good thing. You are able to reflect on how the year has been and how you can make the next year better. You can achieve all the goals that you desire by not only visioning it but working hard to get it done. Create your vision board, mind maps, motivate yourself, have a coach, get a support system and more importantly have faith in yourself.

How was you year of 2018?


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