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Best Natural Hair Products for 2018







Every year I decide to be less of a product junkie, however, I failed. I will try a new hair product just because it’s on sale, to support a Jamaican brand or I always wanted it. Surprisingly I tried a lot of products this year. I loved some and finished them, while the remaining are sitting in my hair product stash waiting to be finished. These are the products that I tried within 2018 and would recommend people to buy or even purchase myself.

Here they are:

#1 – Got to be Glue Gel:

I am convinced that this gel, just like the Gorilla Snot Gel is not good for natural hair AT ALL in the long run. However, it will keep your edges sleek for 24 hours once applied correctly. If you watch wig tutorials on youtube, the spray bottle is used to secure the wig and now I see why. Although your edges are laid, trust it is stiff. So if you are looking for an edge control to sleek your baby hairs – buy this. However, if you are extremely conscious of what you put on your natural hair you can apply oils prior to or after you apply the gel to keep your hair moisturised. Or, reducing the harshing effects of it.






#2 Asherlee Naturals Protein Treatment:

This next product is from the Jamaican brand, Ashlerlee Naturals. If you have not used any asherlee naturals products and are interested in supporting Jamaican brands, definitely purchase from asherlee. I did a complete review of the product earlier in 2018. It made it within the best products of 2018 stash because it worked for my protein sensitive hair. Usually, my hair would be dry or knotted but not with this product. So if you are protein sensitive as well as low porosity this is a good protein treatment. Also, it’s soft so you can use to detangle your hair.



#3: Asherlee Naturals Flaxseed Gel:

Asherlee naturals had a previous flaxseed gel product that I use for a braidout. However, the owner took it back into production because flaxseed is easy to spoil. As well as, the results may not be as good as the first time you use the gel. SHe was looking into healthy preservatives that would keep the product results amazing. So said, so done. She came out with the new and improved version of it, so I bought it. Annnnnnd, I loved it. My twist outs were amazing using the product for the 3 weeks it lasted. If you have less hair, then it will last longer. In addition, I purchased it for $2100 (I think). [I’ll do a full blog post review on this product within the year — stay tuned]


#3: Lady Shelly Leave-In Conditioner:

Yendi Phillips in an advocate for using Lady Shell hair products and I understand why. I purchased the leave-in conditioner because honestly there was no styler, so the next best thing is moisture. I was sceptical using it because I have my set routine for how I moisturised my hair which is the LOC method. [I’ll do a full blog post review on this product within the year — stay tuned]



#4: Lady Shelly Oil:

The lady shell oil is a great oil to be used in your natural hair. It seals in the moisture into your hair shafts. Also, it promotes hair growth. The oil is the right consistency. It’s not too thick or light. Also, it smells really good. [I’ll do a full blog post review on this product within the year — stay tuned]



#5: Carrot Seed Oil:

Carrot Seed Oil has been making it’s round within the natural hair community. It aids in promoting hair growth as well as adding sheen to your strands. The oil really did add sheen to my hair strands throughout the month that I used it. Also, a little goes a long way. Although it may be pricey it is worth every penny.




#6: Creme of Nature Edge Control:

I never really liked any other edge controls other than eco styler gel and gorilla snot gel (add a link). I started using the creme of nature edge control and I assumed it didn’t work because my edges would not LAY. Then, my friend said “maybe you’re just using it wrong’ and she was right. I read the instructions (this is why you should always read!) and used the product accordingly. And, it worked! So this is one of the top edge control for natural hair.

#7: Hello Hydration Conditioner:

Hello Hydration was raved within the natural community in 2013 because of the slip. It was and still is a great conditioner because it has a lot of slip that aids in detangling your tresses. Also, it will emphasize your natural curl pattern. Well, let me tell you the slip is REAL. It detangles your hair easily, makes your curl pattern pop and it is hydrating. I’ve never used it as a deep conditioner but I’m sure with heat it will do wonders. [I’ll do a full blog post review on this product within the year — stay tuned]


What were your favourite natural hair products of 2018?


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