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Best 5 Gigs To Sell On Fiverr




We’re all looking to make extra money for the new year. The extra income will allow us to make ends meet or have a cushion for the difficult times. Fiverr is a great additional source of income. Why? It requires no investment from you and the sellers come to you. Setting up on Fiverr is easy. You would just need your email address, password and a list of services to offer. Then, you can start making money once your gigs are captivating to your audience. Once you receive one gig, then the rest will keep on coming. I bet you’re wondering what can you offer on Fiverr because you have no skill — WRONG. Everyone has a skill. Can you type? That’s a skill.  Can you test a game? That’s a skill!





Here are 5 gigs to sell on Fiverr:



1. Website Tester: This skill requires internet and you’re knowledge of Microsoft Word. You would test the user experience of the website by letting the buyer know the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of their websites. In addition, the bugs, grammatical errors, and broken links that you found. Then, you would compile all this information into a report that would be done in Microsoft Word. AND SEND! You can charge $5.00 to test 5 pages. And if the buyer wants you to test more then they will pay more.



2. Test A Game/App: Another skill that requires a tablet/phone and internet. People will pay you to test their app/game from the google play or apple store. For this gig, you would review and share feedback, on the quality of the app. In a report there would be pros and cons of the app/game, if they were any bugs, errors and so much more. You are getting paid to play a game or use an app which you would normally do anyway. You can charge $5.00/hour for this gig. Then, you can add extras such as you will test more hours for an additional fee or you will leave a 5-star review for more money.



3. Transcription: Transcription is where you would listen to someone speak then type what they say. Does it sound tedious? It can be. However, there are various websites that allow you to upload the audio files to their site and it will be transcribed by a machine. It will save you time! Of course, you would edit accordingly to ensure that it is perfect before you send it out. The starting price is $5.00/30 minutes. However, as you grow individuals will pay more for your work and you can even freelance to other Fiverr sellers and collect the profits.



4. Social Media Coordinator: How many hours a day do you spend on social media? A LOT.  Why not get paid to scroll, post and use hashtags? Small sellers are always looking for social media representatives to help curate their social media in order to get attract attention. You can do that! Research the market, upload high-quality photos, use the appropriate hashtags, and engage with their audience. Stop wasting your time on Instagram and not making money from it. This gig is depending on how many times the buyer wants you to post per day and you can set your price.



5. Write articles: Another skill that requires word, the internet and your brain. You would write articles for individuals whether it is inspirational, medical, beauty related and so much more. The gig requires you to research the topic then use your creative skills to spice it up. Ensure to ask the buyer what they are looking for in the article to keep them and their future readers interested throughout. This gig is priced at $5.00 per 500 words however you can increase or decrease the price to your liking.



These 5 gigs are simple, quick and easy gigs to offer. There is a market for them and there will always be. You can curate your gig specifics to suit your lifestyle as well as the price. Also, I am doing these gigs currently. So I am speaking from experience that they work!




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