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How To Create The Best Fiverr Gig

Since I made my previous post a lot of you have been asking me how to sign up for Fiverr and get sales. So I decided to do a three-part series: best gigs to sell ; how to create the perfect gig and how to start getting sales (future post)

If you’re new to Fiverr then presentation will matter a lot to your future buyers. They will be captivated by your gig title, image, description as well as portfolio. Hence, you have to be creme de la creme or at least look like it.



Here’s how to:


Have a simple, direct and common title:

– You want the title of your gig to be common so that sellers can find you. If a seller types in “transcription” your gig has a high possibility of being within the search.  Also, the title needs to be direct so that sellers know the skills that you are offering. If you want to transcribe have a variation of the word transcribe in the heading. Each gig title starts with “I will” and there is a character limit. Fiverr wants you to be short and spicy with your gig. For example, I will transcribe 30 minutes of audio for $5.00. It’s simple, direct and common (Go look it up).



Have a great gig picture:

– You may be thinking you’re not a graphic designer so how will you create one — HELLO in this day of technology there are so many applications that allow us to look and feel like we’re a graphic designer. Create your gig picture using sites such as or They will allow you to edit your photo easily. Also, ensure to use high-quality free stock photos.





Detailed yet concise gig description:

– The next step is to “WOW” the seller. From the description, the buyer will know exactly what you are offering them and from that, they will determine if you are valuable. In order to “wow” them, copy a top seller’s gig description and tweak it heavily. Fiverr will give you a warning if they realise that you copied a seller’s gig description (dah plagiarism). You need to reiterate your service, the cost, the delivery time and why the buyer should choose you. You can add the necessary emojis, colours, and even font features that suit you.





Pricing is key. means “Five”-r hence most gigs usually start out at $5.00. As a new seller, you would start offering your gig for $5.00. However, if you think that your gig is worth more then offer more. However, you have to be superb in other areas in order to get sales. Then as your profile grows and gets more sales then you can raise your price. Buyers will pay for quality if they think you are worth it.




If you have any questions about working on Fiverr, let me know.






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