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How To Get Paid From Fiverr In Jamaica

You may be interested in working online but are wondering – how will you get paid?

The answer: PAYONEERΒ 


Payoneer is a prepaid MasterCard that allows you to load money unto it for use. You can load funds unto it from your various freelancing sites for ATM withdrawals or POS transactions. The best thing about it is that it is accepted in most countries because of the Mastercard brand being used in Jamaica.


How do you sign up?Β 

Click the link and sign up! Signing up is quick and easy once you know your details – name, address, age, date of birth, government id, etc. [ NB: If you’re in Jamaica your postal code is 0000 (thank me later) ]. After signing up the card should be mailed to you in 2 weeks (The card is coming from England). If you have not received it in over a month you can contact Payoneer via live chat (link). Once received, activate and start transferring your funds.



How to use:

You would need to link your Payoneer card to your Fiverr/Upwork/PeopleperHour. Once the card is linked using the instructions provided by the online platform you should be able to load your funds unto the card within 1 – 2 days. Fiverr will allow you to withdraw the money to the card. Then, Payoneer will charge you a fee of $1.00 (for 2-day loading) or $3.00 (for it to load within 2 hours). Then, the cash is yours. In Jamaica, you can withdraw at ATMs that dispense USD or JMD. Or, if you prefer to not withdraw you can use at the various point of sale machines. The charger is usually 1 – 2% of the transaction cost.


Affiliate link – If you click his link it will take you to the page for you to sign up. Then, once you load $100 USD on it you and I both get $20USD.

If you have any more questions let me know.

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