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Jamaican Authors Whose Books You Should Be Reading


β€œReading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”
– Jim Rohn







You should be reading books on a consistent basis. Depending on the type of book that you read you may about your self, cars, food, health and so much more. The top people in the world credit a lot of their success to reading. With reading, they have not only learned about someone else but themselves as well. They learned something about this world from someone else perspective.
So why not read to rise above the ordinary?


I love reading because not only is it entertaining but it is a fun way to learn. But, I get even more excited if the books are from Jamaican Authors. #BRANDJAMAICA.
Jamaica is branching out into different spaces in the world such as becoming authors, creating hair care products, and wanting to build multimillion-dollar businesses.
And, I am here for it with the help of $1,000 t0 $$5,000 JMD.



List of Jamaican Authors & their books:


Author: Nicole McLaren Campbell
Book: Make It Count

Make it count is a short synopsis of exactly what the title says. Each mini-chapter gave you a summary of how to live your best life within 10 minutes however the information was valuable.




Book: Thrive Or Survive

Thrive or survive was the sequel to make it count. The difference was more knowledge, longer chapters as well as thought-provoking activities that will push to live your best life.




Author: Usain Bolt
Book: Faster Than Lightning, My Autobiography

If you have ever been inspired by Usain Bolt, his book will make you have a deeper level of appreciation for the man. He shares his highs and lows while giving you his admirable personality.




Author: Kamila McDonald
Book: Wake Up And Live

Wake up and live is a very big book that breaks down the different food groups while dissecting various foods and how often we should consume and the benefits/costs of it to our body.



Author: Krystal Tomlinson
Book: Kill Fear

Krystal takes us through her journey of life and the crucial moments where “Fear” almost killed her and how she decided to fight back in her commitment to self-growth.



Author: Shelly-Ann Weeks
Book: I Changed My Diet And Changed My Life

Shelly shares her journey about how changing her diet changed her life by losing weight, shrinking her fibroids and making her feel rejuvenated. Also, she gives some key food recipes 😏




Author: Rachel Christian
Book: Reset: Living Lean and Clean

This is a wellness book about Rachel’s journey with the primary foods in her life such as relations, spirituality, exercise, career and food.





This list doesn’t contain all of the Jamaican Authors, and there are some whose books I am still interested in reading:

Kiki – Discovering You, The Search Is Over
Colleen Palmer – Your Success Is Three Questions Away
Tanya Lee – The Winner Within
Naomi Garrick – PR Chick’s Mini Guide – 8 Steps To Building Your Personal Brand




[Once I read there books, I will continue to update]




What books are you reading and who else should I read?

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