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4 Tools You Should Be Using On Fiverr

4 Tools You Should Be Using On Fiverr

Fiverr is a medium that has allowed me to earn some extra money while I was at school and even now with my 9 to 5.

It has blessed me in many ways and for that, I am truly grateful for. I am able to make extra money while helping other small and large business with their work. However, some of these clients works are very tedious. And it is difficult to keep track of their work, and whatever else is going on in my life. I use various platforms that I have dubbed “Fiverr tools” on the internet [free of cost] to help me to meet their goals as well as mine. They save me time, energy as well as keep me on track.


Here are 4 tools to use to aid with Fiverr Success:


1/ Grammarly –

Grammary is a platform that as the name suggests “corrects grammatical errors”. 
I write articles whether on natural hair or lifestyle-related. Also, I write swot analysis reports on various websites, games and android apps. In addition, I also review articles and books for clients.
Hence, I need an app that checks for grammatical errors. Yes, I can do it myself however there is always an area for human error. So why not let the machine check it?
Grammarly costs you $0 initially. However, you can choose to upgrade fo their paid platform if you so desire.



2/ Canva –

Another gig that I offer on Fiverr is to create social media images for Instagram, twitter, facebook, Pinterest and other platforms.
The tool that I use for this is another free platform that offers you a wide variety of templates for various social media that you can use.
From each image, you would use the same formatting or upgrade it to what you had in mind. Also, its in mobile platform form so while on the go you can be editing your clients work.

Canva App





3/ Fiverr App or Website

Last but not least is the Fiverr mobile app/website. Fiverr has a time tracker which countdowns until the gig is due.
It usually notifies you on your phone and via email when you have 12 hours remaining to submit the order.
I recommend starting your orders as soon as you get them but they may not be feasible because of all the other tasks that you have to do.





4/ Wunderlist –

First up, is wunderlist. It is imperative that you have a to-do list of tasks that you are going to do so that you are still in time for the deadline.
On my wunderlist, I have a list dedicated to Fiverr.
The list keeps me on track of:
– the client’s tasks that I have to do
– when fiverr reviews are done
– when I should withdraw my funds







All of these tools will help you to have a more efficient means of completing the tasks for your various sellers.
Also, they are free so why not?

Let me know which ones you use, work for you or will start to use!

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