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How To Get Achieve A Defined Twist-out

how to get a defined twist out



Twist out – a low maintenance hairstyle loved by all naturalistas.

We all love our Twist-out but even more so when they are juicy, shiny and plump.
We have watched various youtube tutorials on how to do achieve this style, but fail every time. Also, we may even be envious of the next girl who has those luscious twist outs every time we see her on Instagram, at school or even at the mall.  😏


However, we can all achieve a juicy twist-out if we try hard enough. Truth is, the success is in the type of products that you use as well as your technique.

How To Get A Juicy Twist-out:

Products Needed For Your Twist-out:




  • First, split your hair into smaller sections ranging between 2 and 6.
  • Next, spritz each section with water. The water will make your curls pop, make the product application and styling easier.
  • Once the section is wet, apply your moisturiser to keep your curls hydrated for the period you intend to wear the style for.
  • Then, you would divide each section into smaller parts for each twist.
  • Ensure to apply a dime size amount to each mini section along the hair shaft.
  • Once your curls are pronounced, it’s time to start twisting.
  • Twist each mini section using the rope method. First, divide the mini section in two then twist each half then wrap it around the other half. And, continue down the hair shaft. Seems complex, but as you practise, you will get it.
  • Once each min section of each section is twisted, then you seal it in with an oil. The oil will aid in enhancing the natural shine of your hair.
  • Next, let it air dry. Or, you can dry with your blowdryer or diffuser if you so desire.
  • Right before bed, ensure to tie your twists down with a satin scarf and cap. This will keep the moisture into your twists.
  • Before unravelling your twists the next day, ensure that they are 100% dry. Once they are dry unravel each twist from the end to the root to cause less breakage or moisture on your hair.
  • And, voila! 🎉


Results Of Twist-out:



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