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4 Personal Finance Books You Must Read In Your 20s


You’ve reached your 20s and on paper, you are an adult but you don’t truly feel like one. We just entered into adulthood even though it feels like yesterday we were asking our parents for lunch money or allowance. And, from that, we would save to purchase clothes, hair products, games or even go on dates! But now, we’re owning our own MONAAY and let’s just saw money management isn’t fun.

We just got paid yesterday, and by tomorrow all of the money is gone.
To where? Only God he knows.



So it’s obvious that we need help. However, where do we get it from? A book! A book will allow you to learn so much from other people’s success and failures. So why not learn about how to manage your money? You have no damn clue, so let’s go learn from a rich person.



Personal Finance Books To Read In Your 20s:

  • Think and Grow Rich -> Based on the name of the book, you can tell what it’s about. In this book, Napoleon Hill gives you a breakdown of how to change your mindset to think wealthy. He gives you tips, techniques and his ideologies on how to transform your mindset into thinking you are already wealthy, and wealth you will have. Once you have changed your mindset, then you can start seeing the opportunities that the world has to offer you in order to make more money.
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad -> From the mindset we now need to learn the actionable steps in order to get wealthy. In this book, Robert teaches you the knowledge he learnt from his “rich dad” on how to become wealthy. He gives you an in-depth analysis of a balance sheet and an income statement which we all need to know. Also, he shares with you about owning assets such as stocks, real estate as well as other side hustles in order to increase your income. Lastly, he teaches you to learn from the “poor-dad” mistakes.

  • The Richest Man In Babylon -> Essentially from reading this book, you will learn from the richest man in Babylon how to become just like him. He teaches you the five laws of gold, seven cures for a lean purse and so much more. it is definitely an easy book to digest without the hefty economic and economic terms.


  • Your Are A Badass At Making Money -> A different way of teaching you how to make money. It’s less about the financial knowledge with the technical terms and more so about believing that you are capable of possessing the true wealth you desire. It’s a mental book related to finances with her personal experiences about she increased her monthly income after being piss poor broke.


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What other personal finance books do you read?




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