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5 Tips To Increase Your Natural Hair Length Retention


Every naturals hair grows daily. So the question isn’t how to grow but how to retain your length. Retaining your hair length isn’t an easy task. You have to employ techniques religiously in your daily, weekly and monthly hair regimen to preserve your hair length, specifically your ends. The ends are the oldest, and weakest part of your hair strands. They are rubbing against your clothes, you’re playing in your hair and they have been there since birth. Improper care of them will cause them to break, get single strand knots and split ends. Thus, reducing your hair length or causing your hair to be at the same length you’re entire life.

Here are 5 Tips To Increase Your Length Retention For Your Natural Hair:

1 – Use Ayurvedic Herbs:-

. These herbs are native to the Indian culture where they use these different herbs in their care routine to allow them to achieve their healthy hair. I mean, have you seen Indian hair? They are the experts in length retention. The different herbs help them to cleanse, strengthens and more importantly allows them to retain their long, thick, and black hair. And as such, you can adapt their routine. A lot of naturals have been successful with it, so why not you?

Examples of Herbs: Amla, Neem, Shikakai, Fenugreek and so much more.


2- Sleep on satin:-

– Before you hit the hay, you should be put on your satin cap, scarf or satin sheets/pillowcases. The satin material acts as a barrier between your hair and the outside world (aka your cotton sheets and pillowcases) which prevents you from losing moisture. Moisturised hair is crucial in us preserving length. Once our hair is moisturised we can maintain the health of our hair. If it is dry, it is more susceptible to breakage, split ends, single strand knots and so much more. Thus, every night we sleep with satin.

Please ensure to choose quality satin material items that are thick and a [bit] slippery to the touch.


3 – Eat Healthily –

Sadly although junk food tastes amazing it doesn’t provide our body much less our hair follicles with any form of nourishment. Your diet should consist of fruits, different forms of protein
These food groups provided us with the nutrients that our hair follicles need to promote hair growth, strengthen our hair, enhance our natural shine as well as improve your length retention.


4 – Deep conditioning is key.

Deep conditioning is key naturalistas. Our hair goes through a lot every week from styling, blowing in the wind, products being piled up on top of it, unwanted hands running up and down in it, rubbing against the car chairs and the list goes on it. Our tresses are tired and need a little TLC every week which is the purpose of a deep conditioner. Once applied it will seep into your hair strands and work it’s magic to rejuvenate your strands. It will leave your curls popping, hair shiny and very moisturised.


5 – Protective styles:-

Last but not least is to protective style your hair. Regardless of the level that you are in your natural hair journey, you can wear a protective style. it doesn’t have to be a luxurious style such as box braids, marley twists, it can be a simple bun or mini twists. Once your hair is protected, you can take a break from styling your hair. The break allows your hair to be free from any form of manipulation whether from you, strangers and even your tools. Hence, it can go into hibernation and thrive baby girl.

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Retaining your hair length is the only way you will achieve your natural hair goals. Therefore, we must implement different techniques in your hair regimen to aid in length retention. What ways do you retain your hair length?

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