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Ayurvedic Wash Day Routine For Natural Hair


Ayurveda is the latest craze within the natural hair community. It promotes hair growth, length retention, sheen and so much more. Ayurvedic practices are carried out in Eastern societys through the use of herbs. They are rich in medicinal properties that improve the overall health of our hair. Due to this many companies have included ayurvedic herbs specifically Amla Oil to sell their products. But, how does it work? Ayurvedic herbs contain the nourishment needed for our scalp as well as hair strands. The minerals in the herbs will promote faster hair growth and allow us to retain the length we worked hard to achieve. So you may be interested in incorporating ayurvedic practices in your natural hair routine for length routine. But, where do you start?


Here is an example of a [MY] natural hair wash day routine:


Ayurvedic Prepoo –
Instead of prepooing prior to wash day with olive oil or castor oil, use amla oil! You would drench your hair with the amla oil from root to tips to ensure that every strand is covered with the oil. As well as, doing a scalp massage for about 5 minutes or until you feel like you want to sleep

Ayurvedic Shampoo –

Ignore the shampoos with sulfate and head straight to the ones with Neem. Or, you can add neem powder to your shampoo to get the job done.
Neem is a powerful cleanser that aids in fortifying your hair strands. So your hair will be cleaned and strengthened at the same time.


Ayuverdic Conditioner-
Conditioners don’t serve the purpose of just detangling but they do fortify and condition the tresses.
Use a conditioner that contains fenugreek or add fenugreek to your conditioner. These herbs add moisture, strength and sheen to your tresses.


Ayuvedic Deep Conditioner –
The best form of ayurvedic deep conditioner is one with a variety of herbs. It should have msm, fenugreek, bhringaj, neem, and so much others.
Not only will it fortify your curls, but it will bring your hair to an optimally healthy state. Isn’t that what we all want?

Then rinse.



Doing this routine on a weekly basis will have your hair reaping these benefits:

  • shiny hair
  • stronger hair
  • length retention
  • faster hair growth

Do you use ayurvedic herbs in your natural hair?

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