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3 Ways To Take Care Of Low Porosity Hair


What is Low Porosity Hair?


Low porosity hair strands cuticles are tightly closed. So moisture has a difficult time being absorbed into the hair strands once you apply into the hair strands since your cuticle layers are closed. In addition, your hair is not easily prone to damage or breakage because the cuticle layers are keeping your hair strands protected. Although this is a good thing, over time your hair can become weakened by the damage and switch to high porosity hair.

Low Porosity Hair Cuticle Layer
Low Porosity Hair Cuticle Layer

Here are 3 ways to take care of your low porosity hair:


Use Warm Water – Our cuticle layers are tightly closed and need some assistance in order to open up. The warm water opens the cuticle layers and allows the water and other products to infiltrate in. Please ensure to use warm water when doing the L.O.C. method so that the water can be absorbed then sealed in with your favourite oil and cream. Also, you can use warm water prior to conditioning and deep conditioning because your hair will absorb the product better. Thus, nourishing, softening and enhancing your curls.

Deep Condition With Heat – Heat is key with allowing moisture into our hair. Once you apply your deep conditioner, ensure to use a plastic bag or deep conditioning cap. Both tools will trap the heat from underneath the cap.  The heat will lift the cuticles so that the deep conditioner can penetrate into the hair strands to nourish it.

Do not use heavy butters – Low porosity hair will not accept a lot of product. The cuticle layers are tightly closed and it will repel the excess especially if warm water is not used. Hence, only use a small amount of butter whether shea, cupuacu or grapeseed butter when doing the L.O.C. method. In addition, the butter will not just sit on the hair strands and do nothing.




Low Porosity hair is deemed as difficult to care for. However, if you use the right techniques and products within your hair regimen, your hair will be in an optimally healthy state.
Your curls will be juicy, curls enhanced and more length retained.



Do you have low porosity hair and how do you manage it?


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