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Best Ayurvedic Herbs To Use In Your Natural Hair

Best Ayurvedic Herbs To Use In Your Natural Ha

Best Ayurvedic Herbs To Use In Your Natural Ha


Ayurvedic herbs have become so popular within the natural hair space because of the variety of benefits for our natural hair. Utilising in our hair regimen contributes to hair growth, length retention, moisture retention, enhanced lustre as well as curls. You can choose to use the ayurvedic herb in the bag form or the oil, depending on what you prefer.



History of Ayurveda:

Ayurveda is a holistic science of healing the body’s ailments using different herbs in India. Not only are the herbs used in healing the body but they will heal the mind and spirit as well. Ayurvedic herbs are used in India for various purposes especially in caring for the thick, long and shiny black hair. Combing and caring for the hair would be a past time between mothers, daughters and granddaughters where knowledge and traditions would be passed down.


Best Ayurvedic Herbs To Use In Your Natural Hair

  • Fenugreek Herb: Fenugreek also called Methi Dani is derived from the fenugreek seeds.  Fenugreek aids in reducing/stopping hair loss. Thus, it promotes hair growth, reduces excessive shedding, prevents premature greying and aids in length retention. Also, it soothes any scalp issues because of its antibacterial properties. It conditions your tresses which will enhance the natural lustre of your hair and curls.Fenugreek Powder







  • Shikakai Herb: The name is quite funny but the benefits are bountiful. The herbs aid in detangling your tresses. As well as, soothing your scalp issues such as dandruff, hair lice and preventing dry scalp. Lastly, it strengthens and thickens your hair strands.
    Shikakai powder


  • Neem Herb: Neem herb is very rich in antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Therefore, it is great for our scalp and the many issues that we face with it. It will neutralize the ph fo your scalp in order to bring it into balance. Therefore, it will be functioning regularly by promoting hair growth, oiling the new growth and producing sebum.
    Neem Powder
  • Amla Oil: Amla is one of the most popular ayurvedic herbs because it is heavily promoted to give us longer, thicker and shinier hair. Amla oil aids in conditioning your tresses and providing it with moisture and the strength needed to keep your curls popping and able to stand up to anything. I covered more of the benefits of amla in my previous -> The Benefits Of Amla Oil For Natural Hair
    Amla Oil
  • Bhringaj Oil: Bhringaj oil helps to promote hair growth because it increases the blood circulation so that the nutrients reach your scalp follicles. Thus, nourishing your scalp so that it can function effectively to moisture your hair and allow more hair growth. Like the other herbs, it strengthens your hair strands and reduces breakage which allows you to retain more of the length of your hair.
    Bhringraj Oil



Although all of these herbs serve different purposes, all of them can be utilised within your natural hair regimen. You can use these herbs in your Oils, Conditioners, Shampoos and even your Deep Conditioners which is perfect for your wash day routine.



What ayurvedic herbs do you use in your natural hair regimen?

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