22 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Turned 23

Happy Birthday to me 🎉

and to all the persons who have a birthday today.

This blog post is all about reflecting on the 22 years I’ve been on this earth of which only 19 I can remember. As we journey through life there are some thoughts I wish I knew before I made the mistake. However, lessons are just as valuables and achieving your goals. From all the lessons I’ve learn I wish to share with you. I know this will help someone in the future. 22 is a short number still but for the sake of the blog post ill narrow it down.

Each thought will be grouped into various categories to make it easier for you, the reader, to understand the various aspects of your life that should be as equally important.

22 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Turned 23:


– Disney relationships are not it Ashley. The bliss will always be there as long as you work for it.

– Make sure you make as many memories with the people you love because God forbid they leave this earth, that’s all you have to go back to. (RIP Daddy + Uncle Dalton)

– Go out more with your family, friends and significant other from time to time.


– Start to invest from now. Money doesn’t grow on trees but it sure does om the stock exchange.

– Get multiple side incomes to feed your million needs.

– Hand to mouth living is not nice so stop spending off your paycheck on frivolous things that offer you no valie

– And sinking funds are it – start putting down money for things you don’t wanna buy all at once sich as phone, haircut, exams, massages, birthday treats and so much more.


– Form your own relationship with the Lord not based on people forcing you.

– God is love, forgiveness, selfless and so much more.

– You have not cause you ask not.


– Oh no baby girl, you need sunscreen.

– Your momma may have blessed you with “good” skin but it needs to be exfoliated, moisturised and rejuvenated.

– Eat healthy now and your skin and hair will thank you later.


– University is boring yes but network. Make sure you know a future doctor, lawyer, engineer, accountant, politician, marketing/sales person, nurse and so much more.

– Make sure to learn something from school other than this is how to swat.


– If you doubt your greatness, who else is gonna believe you? – cues greatness by Masicka-

– No one reacts the way you do to situations so stop hating on them.

– Damn girl, it’s okay to change your mind on a point of view you had donkey years ago.


– Yes, your genetics gave you your long hair but you have to maintain your hair for it grow and become healthy.

– Castor oil is your best friend.

– hair grows back.

You only have one life (unless you believe otherwise).
Stay true to who you are and live your life to the fullest – its that simple.

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